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Draeger Firefighting/Responder NFPA SCBA

Dräger SCBA solutions


SCBA Draeger Drager Adams Fire 800 942 5880 PSS 5000 7000 Sentinel NFPA



You put your life on the line on a daily basis – so you deserve protection that is second to none. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of SCBAs, we build our equipment to the highest standards of quality and safety.


To make choosing the right SCBA easier, we have put together three of our most requested configurations into ready-to-go packages to meet different needs and budgets.


Or, we can configure your SCBA from the ground up.


Complete SCBA packages

Complete peace of mind




Draeger Drager Adams Fire 800-942-5880 SCBA PSS FPS COM 5000 7000 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus NFPA



Regardless of your choice, rest assured that you’ll be protected by a proven system of NFPA-approved components – all designed and manufactured by Draeger to work together and all backed by our 15-year bumper-to-bumper warranty.


Draeger Premier SCBA

This top-of-the-line package includes our premium components to offer the most advanced features available today – based on the latest technical innovations and quality German engineering.

If you are looking for the best, look no further.

Draeger Advanced SCBA

This mid-range package includes many of the components offered by our premium package, so you are protected by the latest technological innovations and quality German engineering.

If the best price/performance is your goal, this is your answer.

Draeger Standard SCBA

This package provides the essential SCBA components you need, all based on 100+ years of continuous innovation and quality German engineering. As our most affordable SCBA package, it’s ideal for budget-conscious fire departments



The Dräger difference:Scalable SCBA solutions

Firefighting is a dangerous occupation made all the more perilous by the unpredictability of each call.

Every situation is new, every structure is different, and there are no timeouts or do-overs. In these hostile, unstable environments, what every first responder needs most is equipment that performs predictably every time.

With Dräger’s expanded SCBA portfolio, all fire departments—no matter how diverse their needs are able to customize a solution to protect their personnel with the industry’s finest equipment.

Dräger SCBA solutions meet the world’s toughest standards, including those set by the NFPA and NIOSH. Versatile, reliable, durable, and comfortable, Dräger SCBAs can be scaled to meet the needs of any department, today and tomorrow.

The Dräger family of fire safety solutions

At Dräger, we believe that safety technology should make it possible for firefighters to do their jobs faster, more safely, and more effectively. That’s why we make equipment that’s lightweight and comfortable, so firefighters can cover more ground with less effort. We also make our equipment durable and easy to maintain, because we fully understand the brutally harsh environments that accompany the job.  So, whatever your equipment needs, our carrying, monitoring, and communications systems have the technology to protect firefighters’ lives, while they protect the lives of others.

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Draeger PSS 7000 Back Frame

Draeger PSS 7000 Back Frame 
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Draeger PSS 5000 Back Frame

Draeger PSS 5000 Back Frame 
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