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About Us

Adams Fire Protection is a firefighter and family owned and operated business.  We have supplied and serviced personal protection products for emergency response agencies and industrial health professionals in the Southeastern PA, Delaware and South Jersey region for over 30 years. Our staff consists of 2nd and 3rd generation firefighters who believe that the very best personal protection products should be affordable to all emergency response agencies, from the well-funded federal level down to the fiscally minded municipal level.  We pride ourselves in providing expedient, on-site service to all our customers.

We have been a Dräger dealer and service center for over 25 years. Our long history as a member of the Dräger family provides our staff with unique knowledge and experience of the Dräger product line that is not available from most Dräger Service Agents. We are also the only full line Dräger  dealer in the region, servicing not only fire departments in the Tri-state area but also our industrial customers in the refineries along the Delaware River as well as maritime customers in the ports of Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore.


Adams Fire Protection  offers products from Draeger, Drager, Dreager, Dreger such as x-am, xam, Pac , x-plore, xplore, explore, pss, fps, accuro, acurro, accurro, x-act, xact, exact, cms, x-zone, xzone, exzone, x-dock, xdock, exdock, gas meters, multi gas detectors, detector tubes, gas monitors, respirator, gas mask, apr, air purifying respirator, scba, self contained breathing apparatus, cartridge, filter mask, parat, oxy k, eebd, emergency escape breathing device, saver, pas, colt, micro, cps, chemical protection suit, 3500, 5000, 5600, 5100, 7000, 2500, 1300, 1700, 2100, tfs, cdr, 6000, 4500, 8000, ucf, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, 4920, 5510, 5520, 5530, 7520, ng, quickair, bg4, bg-4, escape hoods, 5900, 7900, hydrogen sulfide tube, hydrogen sulphide tube



Although we are in the Philadelphia area we have customers in the following states : Alabama , Arkansas, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New  York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. Some of our current products and product lines include ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEMS, Draeger Safety, Clemens, Salamander, Fire Apparatus ADAPTERS, Fire Department Appliances, Akron, Kochek, Harrington, AIR CARTS & PANELS, Draeger Safety, Air Systems International, SCI, Super Can Industries, Fire Truck, Fire APPARATUS ACCessories, Akron, Dri-Dek, Turtle Plastics, Ziamatic, Zico, BADGES, Smith & Warren, Blackinton, BARRICADE TAPE, Presco Products, CBRN,  WMD, Draeger Safety, CONFINED SPACE Entry FANS, Tempest, Unifire, Inc., Air Systems International, Super Vac, EMS Duty Gear, Safariland, Raine, PPV EXHAUST FANS, PPV, Positivie Pressure Ventilation, Tempest, Super Vac, Unifire, Ventry, FIRE EXTINGUISHERS, Amerex, Badger, FIREFIGHTER ACCESSORIES, Boston Leather, R&B Fabrications, Leather Radio Straps, Leather Radio Cases, FOAM, Ansul, Chem Guard, FLASHLIGHTS, Streamlight, PUMPS C.E.T., RADIATION DETECTORS, Canberra,  RESCUE TOOLS, Ajax Air Hammers, RESPIRATORS, Draeger, 3M, R.I.T., True North, RIT Rescue Systems, SCBA, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, PAPR, Powered Air Purifying Respriator, SAR, Supplied Air Respirator, APR, Air Purifying Respirator, Draeger Safety, Rapid Intervention Equipment, RIT Equipment,  SIRENS, Able 2, Code 3, Federal, Southern Vehicle Products, Whelen, SMOKE MACHINES, Tempest, Roscoe, Unifire, Ventry, Lentry, Rescue SAWS, Ventilation saws, Vent Master, Partner, Unifire, Rescue Chain Saws, Fire Department Gear STORAGE, Groves Ready Rack, Fire Departent TOOLS, Firefighter Tools, PIKE POLES, AXES, Fire Axe Inc., Fire Hooks Unlimited, TNT tool, Firefighter Tool Co., H.K. Porter, K-Tool, Ziamatic, Akron, THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS, Draeger, Drager, Dräger, Draeger Safety, Live Fire TRAINING SYSTEMS,Draeger Safety,FTS,Swede Survival, FORCIBLE ENTRY TOOLS, Firefighter Tool Co., Fire Hooks Unlimited, Ziamatic, Portable GAS DETECTION, Single gas monitors, colormetric detectiction tubes, DRAEGER tubes, DRAGER tubes, DRÄGER tubes, DRAEGER SAFETY tubes, Heat Guns, a/c current detection, lel monitors, gas detectors, explosive meters, Raytech, bacharach, municipal fire HOSE, attack line, Niedner, Fire Quip, HYDRANT VALVES, piston intake valves, large diameter hose, AKRON, Harrington, Kochek, Elkhart, Humat, awg valves, fire LADDERS, Little Giant, Alco-Lite, Duo-Safety,  WARNING lights, weldon, Able 2, Tomar, Code 3, Federal Sign & Signal,  Southern Vehicle Products, Whelen, SCENE lighting, Tele-Lite, Fire Research, Circle "D", Kwik Raze Safe-T-Lite, Extenda Lite, fire apparatus truck MOUNTING BRACKETS, Ziamatic, Fire Hooks Unlimited, firefighting NOZZLES, smooth bore nozzles, adjustable gallonage nozzles, Akron, Elkhart, TFT, task force tips, P.A.S.S. DEVICES, pass devices, Draeger Safety, Grace Industries, PPV FANS, Tempest, Unifire, Inc., SuperVac, Ventry, EMS supplies, ems equipment, STRUCTURAL FIREFIGHTING TURNOUT GEAR, ARFF turnout gear, technical rescue apparel, usar gear apparel, urban search and rescue gear and apparel, Morning Pride, ranger combat ready turnout gear, pro warrington boots, pro boots, warrington pro boots, honeywell first responder products,Ranger Combat Ready, firefighting FOOTWEAR, Servus, Ranger, Pro Warrington, firefighting GLOVES, rescue gloves, Morning Pride, American Firewear, firefighting HELMETS, leather firefighting helmets, usar helmets, ems helmets, safety ansi HARDHATS, Morning Pride, Cairns, firefighting HOODS, Morning Pride, American Firewear, nomex hoods, carbon hoods, majestic hoods, Topps safety apparel, Extrication Suits, EMS jumpsuits, technical rescue jumpsuits, American Firewear, EYE PROTECTION, ESS, Crews, Encon, FALL PROTECTION, gemtor belts, CMC, Gemtor, high angle rescue, RIT Rescue Systems, ems COVERALLS, ems JUMPSUITS, ics vests, incident command vests, gear bags, leather helmet fronts, STATION WEAR, Job Shirts, Station Pants, EMS Pants, Tactical Pants, Uniform Pants, BADGES, COLLAR PINS, Badge Wallets, Collar Pins, Custom Badges, Hat badges, Front Badges, commendation Bars, Stock Badges, Challenge Coins Medallions, Paracord Bracelets,  Job Shirts, Rainwear, Leather Bunker Boots,Rubber Bunker Boots, Station Boots, DECALS , EMS Decals, Helmet Trim, Maltese Cross decals, Firefighter Decals, Power Decals, US Flag decals, 9-11 911 9/11 Memorial Decals, ESCAPE AND RESCUE equipment, firefighter Belts & Harnesses, Carabiners, Descenders, Escape Systems, Rope, Rope Systems, Webbing, Bourkes, EZ-Flips, helmet Faceshields, helmet Visors, goggle garage, helmet Goggles, Structural Firefighting Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Extrication Gloves, Glove Straps, glove Keepers, Hi Vis Gloves, Industrial Gloves, Proximity Gloves, Rope Rescue Gloves, Wildland Gloves, Work Gloves, HELMETS, Rescue, Structural, Wildland, Helmet Mounted Lights, Leather Fronts, Helmet Parts, Helmet Trim, Safety Helmets, Ear Protection, Gas Meters, Hand Tools, Hydration, RADIO STRAPS AND CASES, Cell Phone Cases, Custom Radio Cases, Leather Straps and Cases, Nylon Straps and Cases, Pager Cases, Universal Radio Cases, TURNOUT GEAR, American Firewear, Extrication Coveralls, Structural Turnout Gear, MorningPride Structural Turnout Gear, Proximity turnout gear, Crash Rescue turnout Gear, bunker pants Suspenders, Turnout Gear Cleaner, wildland firefighting, Fire Hooks Unlimited, TNT Tools, Zico Tools, Axes, Bolt Cable Cutters, Door Chocks & Wedges, Forcible Entry Tools, Halligans / Pry Tools, Hammers, Mallets, Hand Tools, Hooks, Knives, Multi Tools, Replacement Handles, Saws, Shovels, Brooms, Rakes, Spanner Wrenches, Wildland Tools, haz mat, haz-mat, hazardous materials, APPARATUS EQUIPMENT , Apparatus Cleaner, Compartment Matting, turtle plastics, Cord Reels, Cribbing, vehicle Stabilization, Generators, Portable Lighting, Portable Pumps, Safety Decals, Staging Mats Tarps, salvage covers, DETECTORS,Gas Meters, Voltage Detectors, Directional  Warning Lights, Negative Pressure ventilation, Positive Pressure ventilation, PID, PIDs, PID’s, photo ionization detectors.