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Draeger QuickAir

Adams Fire Protection ( would like to thank the emergency response community in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland (PA,NJ,DE,MD), including local, state and federal Fire Departments, Fire Companies, Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Hazardous Materials Response Teams (Hazmat, CBRN,WMD), Military and Law Enforcement along with all of our Industrial Commercial Private Sector customers such as safety coordinators and  industrial hygienist in the oil, gas, petroleum, chemical, mining, petrochemical, agriculture, mining and water treatment for their patronage over the last 45 years.

We at Adams Fire Protection ( believe that the PPE, Respiratory protection and gas detection equipment we provide from such manufacturers as Draeger (Drager) and Quaker Safety Protective Clothing Bunker Turnout gear are the most durable, toughest, long lasting, dependable, high performance, number one (1) NFPA 1982 1982 2018 Edition Approved Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Respirators, Single and multi gas detection monitors, Area monitors, Dynamic SCBA Test Equipment and Devices, Photoionization Detectors (PID), gas mask, Universal Buddy Breather (UEBSS), Air purifying respirators (APR), Chemical Protective Suits (CPS), Detection tubes,  Fit Test Equipment, Ultra high resolution Thermal Imaging Cameras (TIC), bail out / escape harnesses / devices, Rapid intervention team (RIT), Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus (CCBD / Rebreathers), smoke hoods, Mobile and stationary Propane, Class B and Class A Live Burn Fire Training Systems and props, Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), Escape mask hoods, Impairment Alcohol Drug Testing (DUI, DWI, under the influence) supplied air respirators (SAR), 4500 psi and 2216 (2200) psi SCBA breathing air cylinders, Firefighter Turnout Bunker gear in the United States (U.S.), North America and the world.

You may also know these products by their brand names such as PSS 7000, PSS 5000, FPS 7000, FPS Com 5000, FPS Com 7000, Sentinel, Drager tubes, accuro pump, X-act  7000, X-act 5000, hazmat simultest, cds, aerotest, chip measurement system (CMS), Pac 6000, Pac 6500, Pac 8000, Pac 8500, x-am 5100, x-am 2500, x-am 3500, x-am 5000, x-am 5600, x-zone 5000 (5K), x-zone 5500 (5.5K), X-am 8000, X-pid 8500, micro tube), e-cal, x-dock,  Alcotest 5000, A6820, A5820, A3820, drugtest 5000, x-plore, 1300, 1700, 2100, twin filter system (TFS), X-plore 8000, C420, Parat NG Hoods, UCF 6000, UCF 7000, UCF 8000, UCF 9000, Parat 3000, Parat 3160, Parat 3260, Parat 4900, Parat 4920, Parat 5500, Parat 5510, Parat 5520, Parat 5530, Parat 7520, Parat 7530, PAS Colt, PAS Lite, PSS 3000, Airboss, Airboss evolution, ALE Lite, DHR 7000, RIT Lifeguard, comfort vest 5220, CPS 5900, BG ProAir, ProAir BG, Quaestor 5000, Quantifit, Swede survival, Phase I, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase, 4, Phase 5, Phase 6, car 3, quad, AFS 3000, System 64, Tutor.

We believe that our products are far superior to our competition such as Mine Safety Appliance (MSA), Scott Safety, Interspiro, Honeywell / Survivair / Sperian / Bacou Dalloz and BW with their somewhat comparable products such as the X3 Pro Air Pak, G1, G1 TiIC, Scott Sight,  altair 2X 4X 4XR 5X grid connect galaxy GX2 Lunar Evolution 6000 Xtreme Plus Basic Scott sight Air-pak Air pak X3 Pro V320 X380 protégé protégé SG GT-Fire ZM PS200 PS500 BM25 Honeywell Analytics Survivair Sperian Titan ThermAlert VAS RCS Pathfinder RIC UAC Cylinder Quick connect BW Clip Gasalert gasalertmicroclip gas alert micro clip4 quattro max xt II micro 5 microclip solo intellidox intellidocks micro dock GasAlertQuattro GasAlertMax XT II GasAlertMicro 5 Globe Athletix G-Xtreme Reaxtion Lion Janesville V-Force RedZone Super-Deluxe Traditional LIONExpress Reliant Super Pants Innotex classic energy innoe4000 fire-dex firedex fxm fxr fxa chieftain 35m 32x H41 Interceptor tecgen flame fighter Morning Pride Honeywell first responder products edge ranger tails VE viper portacount posichek posicheck RKI GX-3R GX-3R Pro GX-6000 GX-2012 GX-2009 Gas Tracer Eagle 2 Eagle RX-8000 SC-01OX-07 FP-31 SP-220 Beacon 110 200 410A 800 RM-5000 SD-1 GD-70D GD-K88Ai EC-600 OX-600 Model 1017 35-3001 PS-2 RI-215 Rae multirae arearae multi area rae pro plus Qrae microrae toxirae 3 doserae gammarae neutronrae minidose doserae sensit trak-it p400 p100 HXG tkx gold enmet htv matrix recon sapphire PGM-2500 crowcon Gas pro Gas-Pro IR TK T4 Tetra Industrial Scientific Corporation indsci ventis pro mx6 ibrid mx4 tango tx1 gasbadge radius BZ1.

For more information or to schedule an in-station demonstration for Draeger (Drager) Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) or Quaker Safety Protective Clothing Turnout bunker gear in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland (PA,NJ,DE,MD) please feel free to contact an Adams Fire Protection ( Representative Toll Free at 800-942-5880, by email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit our website at

NIOSH certified disposable Non-disposable molded flat fold Air Purifying APR Filtering R95 N95 P100 particulate surgical half face facepiece mask air purifying respirators Dräger Draeger Drager Dragger xplore explore x-plore 1300 1700 1900 2100 twin filter  system TFS 3300 3500 for novel coronavirus Disease covid-19 covid betacoronavirus SARS-CoV-2 sars cov 2 outbreak treatment monitoring response CDC NIH HHS WHO EMS PUI persons under investigation pandemic public health emergency of international concern interim Health Alert Network HAN Update States World health organization national institute of health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention community mitigation preparedness guidelines events canceled precautions avoid travel crowds cruises public areas public transportation self imposed quarantine pneumonia transmission epidemic healthcare workers wuhan wet live market zoonotic ground zero patient 1 one 0 zero supplies antibacterial antimicrobial fever symptoms recover disinfectant disinfect hospital healthcare provider personnel asymptomatic infection control person to person contaminated spreads contagious mortality deaths reported cases acquired laboratory test testing cough Shortness of breath patients personal protective equipment ppe isolation Alabama AL Alaska AK American Samoa AS Arizona AZ Arkansas AR California CA Colorado CO Connecticut CT Delaware DE District of Columbia DC Federated States of Micronesia FM Florida FL Georgia GA Guam GU Hawaii HI Idaho ID Illinois IL Indiana IN Iowa IA Kansas KS Kentucky KY Louisiana LA Maine ME Marshall Islands MH Maryland MD Massachusetts MA Michigan MI Minnesota MN Mississippi MS Missouri MO Montana MT Nebraska NE Nevada NV New Hampshire NH New Jersey NJ New Mexico NM New York NY North Carolina NC North Dakota ND Northern Mariana Islands MP Ohio OH Oklahoma OK Oregon OR Palau PW Pennsylvania PA Puerto Rico PR Rhode Island RI South Carolina SC South Dakota SD Tennessee TN Texas TX Utah UT Vermont VT Virgin Islands VI Virginia VA Washington WA West Virginia WV Wisconsin WI Wyoming WY U.S. US United states state department of health and human services Governor School District

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