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Red Rack SOS PPE Turnout Gear Storage System

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Red Rack SOS PPE Turnout Gear Storage System
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Groves S.O.S. Rack


» 32" deep x 81" tall x 76" long.
» Store up to 18 low profile SCBA tanks vertical section.
» Specialized bottle shelves hold SCUBA, Oxygen, SCBA cylinders securely.
» Flat Shelves available for gear bags.
» Accessories available for gear drying / storing.




32" deep 81" tall 76" long design accommodates SCUBA cylinders, Oxygen bottles, & SCBA cylinders. The modular design allows you to configure each compartment with any combination of specialized shelves and/or flat shelving for gear bags, or for turnout gear and dive gear storage / drying to meet the needs of your department.


The S.O.S. Rack features four 1,050 lb capacity casters and is constructed of heavy duty steel tubing with high strength wire. A durable powder coat finish protects the rack and will provide years of service.



Groves Ready Rack SOS2432 SOS Frame with Casters and Dividers, no shelves
Groves Ready Rack SOS2432-B SOS Rack for Gear Bag Storage
Groves Ready Rack SOS2432-C SOS Rack for Cylinder Storage
Groves Ready Rack SOS2432-DBL SOS Rack - Two Section unit
Groves Ready Rack SOS2432DBL-B
Two Section SOS Rack for Bag Storage
Groves Ready Rack SOS2432DBL-C
SOS Rack with two sections and V Shaped Shelves
Groves Ready Rack SOS2432-MP
SOS Rack - Multi purpose Unit with one section for cylinders, one section for gear bags and one section for PPE storage
Groves Ready Rack SOS2432-PPE
SOS Rack for PPE Storage


Groves Ready Red Gear Rack RRWM RFSS RFDS RMSS RMDS DSHR MHD-80 HC MPSS SOS Single Double Wall Mobile

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