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Morning Pride / Honeywell Class II Patriot Harness™ System

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Morning Pride / Honeywell Class II Patriot Harness™ System
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Morning Pride / Honeywell Class II Patriot Harness™ System



morning pride patriot harness adams fire

The Class II Patriot Harness™ meets the needs of customers who do not want an A-Frame Class II harness. It provides for the use of a tether and ladder hook in place of the A-Frame while still offering all the other functional advantages of the Spider Harness.

Class II Patriot Harness™ System Features and Benefits


Bunker pant donning and doffing is natural with no extra steps with a choice of internal or external leg loop locations. Leg loops are easily adjustable regardless of how the harness is mounted.  The adjustments are quick and use an intuitive motion.

  • Custom Fit to Each Pant Waist Size 
    Perfect fit every time

  • Seamless Adapts to Bunker Pant 
    SOP for donning /doffing unaffected

  • One Pant Adaptation Fits Every Safety Harness and/or Belt 
    Allows the Department to issue the right product for each firefighter's needs

  • Separate Sliding D-ring
    For bailout system pre-connect

  • Optional Tether
    Stows at waist for use with ladder hook (ladder hooks and carabiners not Honeywell products)

  • Internal Leg Loops 
    Protected from UV and abrasion

  • External Leg Loops 
    Easier to inspect, remove & install

  • Adjust Leg Loops While Being Worn 
    Quicker and safer to use

  • Components Tested to NFPA 1971 
    No worries with heat exposure

  • All Adjustment Use Intuitive Motions 
    Learning curve is reduced and easy

  • Provides the Best Waist Adjustment 
    Holds up pants and escape system better

  • Built-in Two-inch Increments 
    For even waist sizes 32-inch and above

  • All Kevlar® Construction 
    Proven by Fire Service & Military

  • Patent Pending
    Guarantees you get Honeywell quality


UL classified to NFPA 1983, current edition
Components UL classified to NFPA 1971, current edition


morning pride spider harness adams fire

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