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Honeywell EMS NFPA 1999 2 Piece

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Honeywell EMS NFPA 1999 2 Piece
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Honeywell EMS 2-layer Coat and Pant

Engineered by Honeywell Expertise

Exposure to blood-borne pathogens is a danger you need to

avoid. But in your line of work, it’s a danger that is all too real.

That’s why Honeywell EMS gear was developed as a system

to protect you from the dangers you face every day. Using the

most advanced performance fabrics and design features for

maximum protection, durability and comfort, Honeywell EMS

Gear is made by the same people who make Morning Pride

turnout gear, leaders in personal protective equipment.


3rd Party Certified Protection

NFPA 1999, the standard for Emergency Medical Services,

imposes rigorous performance requirements. All testing is done

on conditioned garments in accordance to NFPA for viral

penetration, liquid-tight integrity, tear resistance, and more. NFPA

1999 third party certification gives assurance that the garment will

consistently perform to the highest standards. Plus, only certified

gear is recognized as eligible for federal grants.


Designed for Action, Engineered for

the EMS Professional

Honeywell EMS offers lightweight protection, flexibility and comfort

in every environment. The overall design is an athletic cut, for

greater comfort, mobility and reduced weight. The coat features a

reengineered version of the Morning Pride Tails™ variegated hem

and a lay-down collar.


• Specially engineered for the EMS


• Best resistance to blood and body

fluid penetration

• High breathability and comfort

• Heavy duty outer shell for better

durability at forearms and lower legs

• Tailored athletic patterning to

reduce bulk

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