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Streamlight 91727 Knucklehead HAZ-LO Spot 120V AC/12V DC - Yello

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Streamlight	91727	Knucklehead HAZ-LO Spot 120V AC/12V DC - Yello
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Streamlight 91727 Knucklehead HAZ-LO Spot 120V AC/12V DC - Yellow


45670 Adams Fire Streamlight Scene light 1 800 942 5880 Portable Scene Light with 120V AC 12V DC - Yellow 45670 45670 Adams Fire Streamlight Scene light 1 800 942 5880 Portable Scene Light with 120V AC 12V DC - Yellow 45670


Material/Lens Housing, base and battery housing made from high impact super tough nylon offering exceptional durability. All openings are O-ring sealed for weather resistance.


Circular rare-earth magnet surrounded by durable nickel plated steel housing. One way valve for case venting; Unbreakable polycarbonate with silicone anti-scratch coating assembled in a heavy duty bezel. O-ring sealed.


Adams Fire Protection 800 942 5880 StreamliGHT Stinger Strion Survivor Lite Fire Box Vulcan Vantage LED HD HL DS

Dims/Weight Height: 9.20 in. (23.4 cm) Width: 2.85 in. (7.2 cm) Thickness (at magnet): 2.75 in. (7.0 cm) NiCd: 23.1 oz (655 grams) Alkaline: 18.3 oz (519 grams)

Light Source One C4® LED, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime..Single parabolic reflector provides a tighter beam for longer range target illumination.

4 lighting modes:

- High for a tight, far-reaching beam: 150 lumens; 12,900 candela; 227m beam distance; runs 3.5 hours

- Low for when less light is ideal and for longer run times; 55 lumens; 4,300 candela; runs 12 hours

- Moonlight for low-level lighting and extended run times - runs 20 days

- Flash for signaling - runs 8 hours

Optimized electronics provide regulated intensity

Switch Sonic welded push button switch designed for extremely long life. Rubber dome push button actuator provides easy operation even when wearing heavy gloves.

Battery Industrial rechargeable nickel-cadmium 4.8 volt, 1.8 amp hour, 4 cell sub-C can be recharged up to 1,000 times. Optional four “AA” alkaline non-rechargeable battery pack provides fast replacement with readily available batteries.

Charging AC and DC one-hour fast chargers with full charge indicators designed specifically for AC or DC power sources. The universal Steady Charger, which requires up to 10 hours for a complete charge, can be used with 120V, 230V, 240V, or 12V DC by exchanging its charge cord. Optional PiggyBack® charger allows for simulatenously charging of the Knucklehead and a spare battery so you always have a light when you need it.

Features Full 360 degree rotation head with 210 degrees of articulation Removable magnet with 135 lb pull strength

IPX4 water-resistant All openings o-ring sealed Serialized for positive identification

2 meter impact resistance tested

Approvals Class I & II Division 1, Groups C,D,F,G; Class III; T-Code: T4; Exia;

NON-INCENDIVE: Class I Division 2; Groups A,B,C,D, T-CODE T4

Permissible Flashlight; Approval. No. 20-4140001-0: Tested for Intrinsic

Safety in Methane-Air mixtures only. Charge or replace batteries in fresh air only


Charger meets requirements of NFPA 1901- (2003) mounted in any position


Warranty Streamlight warrants this product to be free of defects for a lifetime of use except for batteries and bulbs, abuse and normal wear. We will repair, replace or refund the purchase price of this product should we determine it to be defective. This limited lifetime warranty also excludes rechargeable batteries, chargers, switches and electronics which have a 2 year warranty with proof of purchase. THIS IS THE ONLY WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED EXCEPT WHERE SUCH LIMITATION IS PROHIBITED BY LAW. You may have other specific legal rights which vary by jurisdiction.

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