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LTO-34I3 Morning Pride Tails Coat Gold Structural Turnout Gear

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LTO-34I3 Morning Pride Tails Coat Gold Structural Turnout Gear 

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Morning Pride TAILS™ Coat and Pant System


There are a lot of TAILS™ imitations on the market, but none of them match the genuine

Morning Pride® TAILS™ system. Only the original Morning Pride® TAILS™system provides you with

the comfort and protection you’ve long associated with TAILS™ products.



Morning Pride® Coat

Only the Morning Pride® coat is designed with Kinetic Kut™ patterning,

true three-piece tailoring in all three layers of the garment, and built-in

underarm bellows with Forward Flex™ sleeves that dramatically reduce sleeve retraction.

Engineered to work together with the Morning Pride® pants as part of the

TAILS™ system, the Morning Pride® coat innovatively eliminates unnecessary weight,

reduces physical stress, eliminates bunching at the waist, and prevents undesirable sleeve retraction.


Morning Pride® Pant

To make a set of bunker gear truly exceptional, the pants and coat must be made to work together as

a system.The physical exertion required of firefighters makes the integrated design of their bunker gear crucial.

That’s why Morning Pride® pants were engineered to be worn as a component of the TAILS™ system.

The low-waisted pant combines with the shortened coat front to enhance forward flexibility at the

waist. Patented Full Range of Motion crotch design works together with Kinetic Kut™ patterning

to extend your reach and mobility. And innovative material usage reduces the ensemble weight to take

physical stress off your back.

This extraordinary performance is brought to you by the Morning Pride® TAILS™ system.

















LTOTOS34D LTO Tail Outer Shell -7.2 osy Advance - Gold

LTOTTLI LTO Tail Thermal Liner -7.1 osy Synergy II 2 Layer

LTOTMB3 LTO Tail Moisture Barrier -4.7 osy Type 2F Crosstech Black

CFCCS-34D Std -Coat Cuffs

IPLC Std -Inspection Port Liner

LNDC-34D Std -Liner Detachable

LNSETTE Std -SET Thermal Enhancement

PKTLSTD Std -Liner Label Pocket

SATUPST-34D Std -Take Up Straps - 2 Postman

RS-RRSAC Std-Articulating Rapid Rescue Strap

TRC302M-TL Trim -(2) NFPA Hi-viz -lime 2-tone Scotchlite (3")

CLZV1-34D 1.5" Velcro/Zipper Coat Closure

CCFCCLTO-34D BPR Foldover Comfort Chinstrap

ELRN-34D Elbows Reinforced - Advance - Gold

PKHW-34D Handwarmer Pockets - Advance - Gold

PKMT-34D Mic Tab - Advance - Gold 0.5" x 2.5"

--left chest

PKRCPT-34D Large Hook on Patch - Advance - Gold

--right chest

PKRD-34D Radio Pocket - Advance - Gold 8 x 3 x 2

--left chest

PKRD-FNL Notch Flap -Left

PKRD-FNR Notch Flap -Right

WWSTLN Sub Wristlets -Long with tabs -Nomex

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