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Draeger X-am 000 7 Multi Gas Detector w/ PID

 ( Draeger )
Draeger X-am 000 7 Multi Gas Detector w/ PID

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Draeger X-am 000 7 Multi Gas Detector with PID (Photo Ionization Detector) 325800

Device with power supply (Lithium-ion battery), data logger, shoulder strap, manufacturer's certificate, certificate of calibration, and charger (optional). A fully functioning device requires up to 5 sensors and an optional integrated pump. Instruction for use included as standard in the following languages: DE, EN, FR, ES, PT, IT, NL, RU, ZH, JA

Clearance measurement was never this easy and convenient: The Draeger X-am 000 measures up to seven toxic as well as flammable gases, vapors and oxygen all at once — either in pump or diffusion mode. Innovative signaling design and handy assistant functions ensure complete safety throughout the process.

The X-am 000 is Draeger’s NEW 7 gas Multi-gas detector.  The X-am 000 can be outfitted with multiple sensors for the detection of combustible and toxic gases and vapors and NOW also a PID.

The Draeger X-am 000 is equipped with a very powerful pump. It can be connected with hoses of up to 45 meters in length. A pump adapter makes it easy to switch between diffusion and pump mode at any time.

This means the pump is only operated when you actually need it. That saves energy, reduces wear and tear, and thereby extends the lifespan of the pump.

Handy and durable, the Draeger X-am 000 is intuitive to operate single handedly using three function keys.

The easy-to-read color display clearly lays out all the information for you.

Standard accessories include a sturdy shoulder strap, so you can comfortably carry the X-am 000. Thanks to its compact and robust construction, the device can withstand even the harshest conditions.

The Draeger X-am 000 is perfect for the measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it uses photo ionization detection (PID) technology for this measurement.

The X-am 000 effectively supports various applications with specially developed assistant functions that guide you through each process step by step. During clearance measurement, for example, the smart assistant calculates the necessary flooding time for the device and probe (FKM hose) based on parameters such as measuring gases, temperature limits, and the indicated hose length.

When monitoring for high methane concentrations, an optional automatic measurement range switch makes it easier to take a reading: if the Cat-Ex sensor measures values above 100% LEL, the display switches to the range of 0 to 100 vol %.

An additional useful tool is CSE Connect. It combines an Android app, specially designed for the X-am 000, with a cloud-computing solution. Measuring jobs can be quickly and easily transferred to the app using an online application. An optional Bluetooth module in the Draeger X-am 000 enables measured values to be transferred automatically to the CSE Connect app. You can also easily and conveniently use the app to create measurement reports. This saves time and helps you manage your measuring tasks during clearance measurements more efficiently.

The state-of-the-art PID technology is both exceptionally sensitive and tough. The quick response time is great for leak inspection. It also permits the atmosphere above contaminated ground or liquids to be screened, as well as exhaust measurements from enclosed spaces.

The signal system of the Draeger X-am 000 is based on a clear color code:

‒ Red light = gas alarm

‒ Yellow light = device-related alarm, e.g. low battery

‒ Green light = device is ready for use

The green glow of the D-light allows you to see from a distance whether the device has been properly tested and is ready for use.

In case of an alarm, the X-am 000 alerts you with colorful alarm LEDs, a loud horn (100 dB(A) at a distance of 30 cm), and clearly palpable vibration. Optionally, four preset hazard symbols are available for the display which explicitly indicates the presence of explosive or toxic gas hazards, for example. This allows the user to easily recognize the type of hazard based purely on the symbol displayed.

The X-am 000 is equipped with an impact detection system. The event report indicates whenever severe mechanical impacts have occurred that might result in functional impairments of the device or the sensors.

These are also documented in the data logger.

To measure hard-to-detect hydrocarbons, you can fit the Draeger X-am 000 with one of two high-performance PID sensors. The PID HC covers a measurement range of 0 to 2,000 ppm (Isobutene). The PID LC ppb is particularly suited for a measurement range of 0 to 10 ppm (Isobutene) with a low resolution in the range below 1 ppm.

For benzene-specific measurements, the X-am 000 can be used with a pre-tube. The advantage: you only need one measuring device for this application, which significantly reduces the costs of purchasing, maintaining and transporting devices in use. The use of the pre-tubes is supported by a built-in assistant.

The X-am 000’s utilizes Inductive charging, also known as wireless charging or cordless charging. It uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between the instrument and the charger.

The X-am 000 inductive charging feature makes it easier to operate and increases the lifespan of the device. Issues like corrosion and contact problems in the charging cradle are a thing of the past. You can charge (outside of explosion-hazard zones) and measure at once, e.g, when in use inside vehicles or on machinery.

The charging cradle can connect with one another, taking up minimal space, and are compatible with existing Draeger X-am series cradles.

Dimensions (H x W x D) 179 x 77 x 42 mm


Approx. 495 g, depending on sensor configuration, without strap, without pump

Approx. 550 g, depending on sensor configuration, without strap, with pump

Housing Durable two-component housing

Display High-contrast color display

Temperature -20° C to 50° C

Pressure 700 to 1,300 hPa

Relative humidity 10 to 90% (short-term up to 95%) r.h.


Visual:  3 LED 'red' (gas alarms),

3 LED 'yellow' (device alarms)

Acoustic Multi-tone, typically 100 dB(A) at 30 cm


Ingress protection class IP 67

Energy supply Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable, inductive charging

Operating Times (Diffusion)

With CatEx and 3 EC sensors Typically 24 hours

With IR and 3 EC sensors Typically 22 hours

With 3 EC sensors Typically 120 hours

With CatEx, PID and 3 EC sensors Typically 17 hours

With IR, PID and 3 EC sensors Typically 16 hours

PID only Typically 42 hours

Charging times Typically 4 hours after use during a shift of max. 10 hours

Start-up times Typically <60 seconds for standard sensors

Data storage 12 MB, e.g. at 10 minutes per hour of gas exposure with measuring values changing by

the second on all 7 channels: approx. 210 hours

Pump operation Max. Hose length 45 m


Selectable device options when ordering

- Integrated pump with pump adapter

- Bluetooth® module

- RFID transponder

- (The charging cradle/power plug can be deselected during the ordering process.)

SLOT 1: CHOOSE PID or IR Sensor from List Below

SLOT 2: CHOOSE IR or CatEx Sensor from List Below

SLOT 3: CHOOSE Electrochemical sensors (XXS format) from List Below

Cat-Ex 125 PR1, 2 0–100% LEL 1% LEL 0–100 vol % CH4 6812950

Cat-Ex 125 PR Gas 1 0–100% LEL 1% LEL 0–100 vol % CH4 6813080

Dual IR Ex/CO2 6811960

IR Ex1 0–100% LEL 1% LEL 0–100 vol % CH4 0.2 vol % 6812180

IR CO2 0–5 vol% CO2 0.01 vol% CO2 or 50 ppm CO2 6812190

Dräger Sensor PID LC ppb (10.6 eV) 0.025–10 ppm Isobutene 6813500

Dräger Sensor PID HC (10.6 eV) 0–2,000 ppm Isobutene 6813475

Dräger Sensor XXS O2 2 0–25 vol % 0.1 vol % 6810881

Dräger Sensor XXS O2 100 0–100 vol % 0.5 vol % 6812385

Dräger Sensor XXS CO LC 2 0–2,000 ppm 1 ppm 6813210

Dräger Sensor XXS CO HC 0–10,000 ppm 5 ppm 6812010

Dräger Sensor XXS CO / H2 compensated 0–2,000 ppm CO 2 ppm 6811950

Dräger Sensor XXS H2S LC2 0–100 ppm 0.1 ppm 68 11 525

Dräger Sensor XXS H2S HC 0–1,000 ppm 2 ppm 68 12 015

Dräger Sensor XXS CO LC / H2S LC 6813280

Dräger Sensor XXS CO LC / O2 6813275

Dräger Sensor XXS NO 0–200 ppm 0.1 ppm 6811545

Dräger Sensor XXS NO2 0–50 ppm 0.1 ppm 6810884

Dräger Sensor XXS NO2 LC 0–50 ppm 0.02 ppm 6812600

Dräger Sensor XXS SO2 0–100 ppm 0.1 ppm 6810885

Dräger Sensor XXS PH3 0–20 ppm 0.01 ppm 6810886

Dräger Sensor XXS PH3 HC 0–2,000 ppm 1 ppm 6812020

Dräger Sensor XXS HCN 0–50 ppm 0.1 ppm 6810887

Dräger Sensor XXS HCN PC 0–50 ppm 0.5 ppm 6813165

Dräger Sensor XXS NH3 0–300 ppm 1 ppm 6810888

Dräger Sensor XXS CO2 0–5 vol% 0.1 vol% 6810889

Dräger Sensor XXS CI2 0–20 ppm 0.05 ppm 6810890

Dräger Sensor XXS H2 0–2,000 ppm 5 ppm 6812370

Dräger Sensor XXS H2 HC 0–4 vol% 0.01 vol% 6812025

Dräger Sensor XXS OV 0–200 ppm 0.5 ppm 6811530

Dräger Sensor XXS OV-A 0–200 ppm 1 ppm 6811535

Dräger Sensor XXS Amine 0–100 ppm 1 ppm 6812545

Dräger Sensor XXS Odorant 0–40 ppm 0.5 ppm 6812535

Dräger Sensor XXS COCl2 0–10 ppm 0.01 ppm 6812005

Dräger Sensor XXS Ozone 0–10 ppm 0.01 ppm 6811540

Sensors with five-year guarantee

Dräger Sensor XXS E CO 0–2,000 ppm 2 ppm 6812212

Dräger Sensor XXS E H2S 0–200 ppm 1 ppm 6812213

Dräger Sensor XXS E O2 0–25 vol % 0.1 vol % 6812211

1 Special calibrations possible for the Ex sensors (Standard: methane)