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Draeger UCF 8000 TIC w/ Truck Kit 4059465

Draeger UCF 8000 TIC w/ Truck Kit 4059465
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Draeger UCF 8000 TIC w/ Truck Kit 4059465


Draeger TIC Truck Kits with Desktop Charger, Charging cords, IFU,  Software disc, Crawling Plate, Truck Mount and Retractable Lanyard.


Draeger Drager NFPA certified approved TIC thermal imaging camera Models available from Adams Fire at 800-942-5880 are UCF 6000 part number 8321130 UCF 7000 part number 8321140 UCF 8000 part number 8325360 and UCF 9000 part number 8321240

Adams Fire 800-942-5880 Draeger Drager Dräger PSS 3000 5000 7000 Sentinel FPS 7000 UCF 6000 7000 8000 9000 NFPA TIC 388 x 284 Thermal Imaging Camera 320 x 240 high resolution scba self contained breathing apparatus


Draeger has been a trustworthy and faithful partner to fire departments for over a century.  Draeger’s ATEX & UL approved thermal imaging cameras are used by firefighters around the globe.

The Draeger UCF thermal imaging cameras provide outstanding images to firefighters. Incredible resolution provides a meticulous detail of the conditions. All Draeger UCF thermal imagers including the UCF 6000, UCF 7000, UCF 9000 and the new UCF 8000 were designed to exceed requirements of NFPA Standard 1801 STANDARD ON THERMAL IMAGERS FOR THE FIRE SERVICE, 2013 Edition.

Draeger Drager NFPA certified approved TIC thermal imaging camera Models available from Adams Fire at 800-942-5880 are UCF 6000 part number 8321130 UCF 7000 part number 8321140 UCF 8000 part number 8325360 and UCF 9000 part number 8321240

The Drager thermal imagers are dependable even in the most arduous environments.  Armed with a durable housing, the Draeger UCF TICs are heat resistant so as to endure the rigors of use in extreme conditions. Because of their extraordinary protection class of IP67, Drager UCF thermal imaging cameras are resilient to classic conditions encountered during firefighting operations such as water and products of combustion. Lithium-ion battery technology provides operating times of up to four hours.

Draeger Drager NFPA certified approved TIC thermal imaging camera Models available from Adams Fire at 800-942-5880 are UCF 6000 part number 8321130 UCF 7000 part number 8321140 UCF 8000 part number 8325360 and UCF 9000 part number 8321240

By utilizing the four way toggle button found below the screen, firefighters can access up to 8 modes  offered on some Draeger UCF models. These modes include Fire mode for Engine company suppression ops, Persons mode for Truck company search and rescue operations, Thermal Scan mode for searching for extension and hot spots by highlighting objects that are greater than the set temperature, Outdoor mode for searching for subjects outside, Haz Mat mode for identifying leaks and determining container content level, Scan PLUS mode for highlighting heat sources on a live video image instead of a thermal image, Normal view mode for use as a video camera for investigations, documenting etc.

Draeger Drager NFPA certified approved TIC thermal imaging camera Models available from Adams Fire at 800-942-5880 are UCF 6000 part number 8321130 UCF 7000 part number 8321140 UCF 8000 part number 8325360 and UCF 9000 part number 8321240

The Black Box feature on some of the Draeger imagers allows for recording about 2 hours of audio/video. When the UCF imagers fill up that 2 hour storage the black box of the UCF TICs  assures continued recording  by simply recording over the oldest data so that the most recent recordings are always available for download via the USB adapter.​

All Draeger UCF thermal imaging cameras offer a compact design with one hand operating where all functions and controls are rapidly selected with the thumb or finger. All controls of the Drager UCF TICs are suitably at hand even when crawling.

Draeger Drager NFPA certified approved TIC thermal imaging camera Models available from Adams Fire at 800-942-5880 are UCF 6000 part number 8321130 UCF 7000 part number 8321140 UCF 8000 part number 8325360 and UCF 9000 part number 8321240

Some of the Draeger thermal imagers have the ability to record audio, video as well as still photos.  With this option, you can record operations and training scenarios for review.

Enhanced image processing delivers a faster impression of the situation. Some Draeger UCF thermal imaging cameras allow for viewing tight areas such as crawl spaces where maneuverability is limited. Drager’s snapshot feature provides a brief freeze frame that can then be viewed on the display. Simply point the TIC toward the area you wish to view and press and hold the trigger. This freezes the image for evaluation. To return to normal viewing simply release the trigger.

Draeger Drager NFPA certified approved TIC thermal imaging camera Models available from Adams Fire at 800-942-5880 are UCF 6000 part number 8321130 UCF 7000 part number 8321140 UCF 8000 part number 8325360 and UCF 9000 part number 8321240

The Draeger UCF TICs continuously present a high temp resolution even in extreme heat environments. This offers the ability to spot cooler items such as victims even in the area of a fire with the finest possible resolution.


Below are the Draeger Drager TIC thermal imaging camera Models available from Adams Fire at 800-942-5880 which include the  UCF 6000 part number 8321130, UCF 7000 part number 8321140, UCF 8000 part number 8325360 and UCF 9000 part number 8321240

Name Draeger NFPA UCF 6000 TIC Draeger NFPA UCF 7000 TIC Draeger UCF NFPA 8000 TIC Draeger UCF NFPA 9000 TIC
Part # 8321130 8321140 8325360 8321240
Battery Li Ion Li Ion Li Ion Li Ion
Battery Life 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours
Sensor Amorph Silicon Amorph Silicon Amorph Silicon Amorph Silicon
Resolution 160x120 160x120 384x288 384x288
Spectral Response 7 – 14 microns 7 – 14 microns 7 – 14 microns 7 – 14 microns
Dynamic Range Numeric/ Bar Numeric/ Bar Numeric/ Bar Numeric/ Bar
Field of View 47° 47° 57° 57°
Temperature Measurement Range 1832 1832 1832 1832
Weight 2.9lbs 2.9lbs 2.9lbs 2.9lbs
Frame Rate 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Adapt Bright Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intrinsically Safe No Yes Yes Yes
Transparent Colorization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Drop test Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
Colors in Display Yellow/Orange/Red Yellow/Orange/Red Yellow/Orange/Red Yellow/Orange/Red
Zoom Yes Yes Yes & 4X Yes & 4X
Warranty 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year
Other Features Laser Pointer True one hand operation True one hand operation 9 Application Modes
USB Interface Audio/Video Recording: Blackbox Audio/Video Recording: Blackbox True one hand operation
Snapshot function USB Interface USB Interface Audio/Video Recording: Blackbox
Brightness Sensor Laser Pointer Laser Pointer USB Interface
Fast Shutter Snapshot & Image Recording Snapshot & Image Recording Snapshot & Image Recording
Adaptive Display Brightnes Fast ShutterRecording Fast ShutterRecording Fast Shutter
Customizable by user User Defined Threshold User Defined Threshold User Defined Threshold
Therman Scan Therman Scan Therman Scan Plus
Adaptive Display Brightness Adaptive Display Brightness Adaptive Display Brightness
Customizable by user Customizable by user Customizable by user
Replay of stored data
Laser Pointer

Draeger Drager NFPA certified approved TIC thermal imaging camera Models available from Adams Fire at 800-942-5880 are UCF 6000 part number 8321130 UCF 7000 part number 8321140 UCF 8000 part number 8325360 and UCF 9000 part number 8321240

Some of the many benefits of the UCF series:

Ergonomical hand held design

All relevant functions can be operated solely be the holding hand

Camera with battery handle weighs less than 3 lbs

Camera shell constructed of high temperature PPSU plastic

Shell is protected by rubber protectors

Screen size is 3.5"

Comes with a Lithium Ion battery good for 4 hours of operation

All buttons facing the user are lit for better usability in dark situations

2x and 4x digital zoom

Camera core has an uncooled amorphous silicone micro bolometer

Heat indicating colors for low-temperature and high-temperature situations

Temperature measurement display in numerics

Automatic standby function that switches off display when the camera is not being used

Ultra fast internal re-calibration (shuttering)

Measurement range -40 - +1700 °F

USB interface and shall register as WebCam when connected to a Windows PC

Option for a customized start-up screen to be configured by the owner

Freeze frame function to be able to scan areas not directly accessible

Integrated laser pointer to point locate the spot displayed in the image center

Able to show temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit,

Overheat icon displayed on-screen when camera overheats

Display brightness is automatically adjusted according to ambient brightness in order to achieve optimal visibility in every situation

Intuitive and easy to use operation in extreme conditions

Multiple accessory options such as crawling plate, neck strap and retractable lanyard



Draeger Thermal Imaging Camera TIC Drager UCF 6000 7000 8000 9000 4059381 4059383 4059465 4059464 800-942-5880



The Draeger UCF Series TIC’s are one of the ultimate tool for search and rescue. The durability of the device and the clarity of its picture is the best Thermal Imaging Camera that Draeger has produced thus far. With this series there are offered different resolutions, features and functions to suit just about any department and any budget.  All Draeger UCF TICs are rated intrinsically safe, far and above what is required by NFPA.

Why is it important to understand thermal imaging? - Using a TIC to its fullest potential requires understanding the basics of this technology. - Interpret the camera’s information properly. - Successfully doing this will make your operations fast, safe and more efficient as well as using this tool in additional applications which can further benefit for your department.

We already know. • TIC’s do not require light to work because they detect long wave infrared radiation that will allow them to see through smoke and dust. • Some thermal imaging cameras can be used to locate the seat of the fire or the hottest part • There should be more to the training of thermal imaging cameras beyond on how to change the batteries.

The UCF 9000 thermal cameras On/Off button is the green button in the center of the camera. Switch on: To activate the camera press the button and a solid green LED light will appear along with the Dräger logo. The thermal image will appear in 8 to 10 seconds. Switch off: To turn Off the camera, press and hold the On/Off button for 5 seconds or until the camera LCD screen turns off and green LED light isn’t on. 3.2.1. countdown appears when holding the green button.

Activate Stand by The camera goes into the stand-by mode when not held in the hand. The On/Off button’s green LED light will blink, that will indicate that the camera is now in “Standby” mode. Deactivate Stand by Grip the camera on the handle to take the camera out of “stand-by” mode and a thermal image will instantly appear. You can also hit the green on/off button to get the camera out of stand-by *Note: The camera will shut off in “stand-by” mode if no battery life remains.

Activating the „Freeze“ function Hold down the pistol key to activate the „Freeze“ function. The picture remains „frozen“ and does not change as long as the trigger remains pressed. On the Draeger UCF the trigger not only freezes the picture, but will also save the picture inside the camera that can later be downloaded to a computer using the Draeger TIC software.



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